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How to overcome business barriers and increase your income?

Are these issues familiar to you?

You've reached your volume limit and don’t see any growth opportunities?

You are tired of global economic uncertainty and want extra income?

You want to diversify and back up your business to feel more stable in these uncertain times?

You feel an entrepreneurial spirit and see opportunities around you, but don’t know what
to choose?


The food delivery business offers a solution to all
these issues!

Now food delivery includes meal and grocery delivery branches, which are booming niches all around the world.

This is a great niche to enter for:

Taxi businesses

Expand ongoing business

Increase drivers' workload in your taxi business

A stable business for extra income

Use your current audience for the delivery business, cross-over audience between businesses and boost orders in both op projects


Restaurants and cafes

Increase sales using current kitchen volumes

Catch the new consumption moments (breakfast, lunch menu, etc.)

Grow loyal customers

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Retail chains of any size

Utilize the current storage capacity to increase sales

Discover new consumption moments (quick delivery of small baskets, subscriptions for food delivery, delivery at a specific time)

Increase customer loyalty

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Willing entrepreneurs

Stable business with quick income results

Flexible business: you can start small and grew gradually

Scalable business: easy and understandable ways of expansion

Low start-up costs

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Effective up-to-date SaaS solution


Worthwhile business model to differentiate from competitors


Profitable delivery business in your region

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Why are meal and grocery delivery very promising business niches?

Revenue growth rate 2023-2027:

Meal delivery

Growth rate in 5 years


Grocery delivery

Growth rate in 5 years


Learn more about food delivery revenue growth in your country!

Average Annual Revenue per user:

Meal delivery

Growth rate by 2027


Grocery delivery

Growth rate by 2027


The number of users by 2027:

Meal delivery

The number of users by 2027

2.64 billions

Growth rate per 5 years


Grocery delivery

The number of users by 2027

1.59 billions

Growth rate per 5 years


All charts are built using worldwide data reports. Do you want to know your country's market statistics? We are ready to provide you with a free market research report from Playfood.

Take advantage of our personal market research service. Leave your contact info!

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Andrei Balahanski

CEO, Playfood

Market research is a key element to a successful business launch!

There is always room for innovation in the delivery business. From improving delivery times and distances to using new technology to track and optimize routes. There are so many opportunities to differentiate your business from competitors. And market research is a key element to a successful business launch. It can help you identify additional growth opportunities and avoid common pitfalls by giving you crucial information about your customers. So that you can make strategic plans and decisions. It takes time, money and a lot of effort.

But we are ready to take it on and prepare market research for you! Free of charge, of course.

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Igor Tkachenko

CPO, Playfood

With the right strategy and execution, a food delivery business can be very profitable

As you grow your customer base and increase your delivery volume, your profit margins can improve significantly. However, before making any investment decisions, you should also conduct thorough research and analysis of your business unit-economy.

We can help you with this as well. Here is a link to our shared and very helpful material. But if you are ready to dive deeper – we can share our calculator for food delivery-business unit-economy.

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