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How to double taxi business revenue?

Glad to see you!
We truly believe that this solution could change your business-life and take your profit up to the next level. 

Top-4 problems taxi business owners run into

Due to 7+ years in the ride-hailing business we’ve seen a lot of cases and faced many of the same problems together with our partners.


The order limit in the city has been reached

Your taxi business operates in one country and one/several cities. You've reached an order limit and see no growth opportunities.


Competitors conquer your audience

Major competitors have entered your market and are trying to conquer your target audience. They have a Super-App with several on-demand solutions. Clients start to migrate to competitors – your profit is getting down.


Drivers simultaneously work for competitors

Drivers got used to being online on several services at the same time and the further, the more they are choosing your competitor's Apps. So your clients are waiting longer for a ride and lose their loyalty.


You need an additional source of income

At such an uncertain time, you are considering diversifying your business and creating extra sources of income.

And we’ve discovered an effective solution that combines answers to all the problems above!


It’s time to start an additional branch to your taxi business: 
a Meal and Grocery 
Delivery Service!

You already have significant knowledge and resources for launching a food delivery service:

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A fleet 
of cars

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A team 
of drivers

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A loyal taxi audience

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Experience in your market

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You desire to make money

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Let's book a 15 minute call.
We will tell you how this business and our service works!

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Andrei Balahanski

CEO, Playfood

Market research is a key element to a successful business launch!

It can help you identify additional growth opportunities and avoid common pitfalls by giving you crucial information about your customers. So that you can make strategic plans and decisions. It takes time, money and a lot of effort.

But we are ready to take it on and prepare market research for you! Free of charge, of course.

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Igor Tkachenko

CPO, Playfood

Calculating the unit-economy of your business is another critical step

Unit-economy is a financial model where all the costs of a particular delivery order are compared to the revenue it has brought to your company. So that you can ensure the financial performance of the platform as a whole. We have helpful material here, but also you can book a call with our manager, where you can discuss the result of market research and online calculate the unit-economy of your business branch.

Why Playfood?

Onde partnership

Deep integration with Onde. Your taxi business audience can be turned into a food delivery business audience.

Fast start

Start your profitable business fast. We help our partners avoid common mistakes.

Easy start

We provide our partners with lots of materials for the launch.

WIN-WIN model

Our partnership is a WIN-WIN model. We are interested in our partners' efficient launch.

Order processing speed

Our platform is ready to process thousands of orders per hour.

Full support

You will be assigned a person who will guide you through all the steps.


Launch your second business in just 
6 steps!

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Get your country’s market research with the help of our specialists.

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Run a step-by-step walkthrough of the apps with your personal Playfood manager.

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Check out the demo apps, which have been specially setup for you.

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Calculate the unit economy according to your regional or industry requirements with the help of your personal Playfood manager.

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Become a partner: sign a contract.

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Execute orders!


Ready for the next step?

Playfood is not just a software platform, it is an excellent service, which helps you build your successful food delivery company.

We are there to help you with business and operational questions, choose marketing tools and conduct campaigns. We will provide you with different guides and materials as well as our full support. Because we provide quality service based on partnership.

Build your food delivery business playfully!

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