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How to create deep-links for push-notification campaign

Deep-links allow you to redirect customers from push-notification to an exact restaurant, a dish or a Content Screens (created as a CMS page in the admin panel) in your app.

Attention: these scheme works only for Playfood section in Onde Passenger App.

So, here is a draft of the link:


What are the highlighted parts:

{domain} – your marketplace address

{redirectUrl} – original link on a vendor (restaurant), exact dish or a CMS-page

{companyId} – part of integrated settings, which you can find in the Admin panel

It may seem strange and overwhelming, but it is easy, if you follow the steps below. So, let’s try together:)

Step 1: copy these draft


Step 2: insert your domain name in place of the green curly brackets{redirectUrl}?method=POST&companyId={companyId}

Reminder: don’t forget to delete curly brackets.

Step 3: insert the link on a vendor (restaurant), exact dish or a CMS-page

  • Open the restaurant (exact dish or a CMS page) on the web-view of your marketplace and copy the end part of the link in the address row, which differs from your domain address.

  • Insert this code in place of the red curly brackets{companyId}

Reminder: don’t forget to delete curly brackets.

Step 4: insert your companyId in place of the green curly brackets

  • Open MyHub, the “Dashboard” page will be opened automatically.

  • Copy code from the address link between /company/ and /dashboard

  • Insert the copied info in place of the yellow curly brackets


  • Don’t forget to delete curly brackets;

  • Remember that the city of the company should match with the preferred city for the push-notification campaign.

Great! You’ve created the link, what’s next?

Insert the “DeliveryUrl” text into the “Key” part.

Insert your newly created link into the “Value” part.

  • Push the “Review” button and check the settings.

  • Push the “Publish” button.

That’s it! Wishing you successful results.

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