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Amin Iraq Success Story: a Speedy Launch and Rapid Growth

Amin Iraq Success Story: a Speedy Launch and Rapid Growth

In the fast-paced world of food delivery, success often depends on how quickly and efficiently a company can launch and establish its presence in the market. The story of our partner Amin Iraq is a shining example of a fast and successful launch. It demonstrates the capabilities of Playfood's food delivery SaaS solution and the additional business services we offer to our valued partners.

Amin Iraq (Ride-hailing company)

Amin service was launched in 2018. It is characterised by the presence of a wide network of professional and licensed drivers and ensures fast and efficient access to customers.

The rapid pre-launch period

Our Iraqi partner completed all the necessary preparatory work in an astonishingly short period of 1.5 months. From creating basic branding (brand name, logo, brand colours) and purchasing a domain to learning how to operate the marketplace, apps and web panels. To ensure a seamless pre-launch process, the Playfood team provides our partners with all the necessary training materials, guides and tools. So that, step by step, you can build a successful food delivery brand and business like Amin Iraq.

Efficient parallel task management

What sets Playfood apart is its ability to streamline and expedite various pre-launch tasks simultaneously. And it has been amazing to find synchronisation with the Amin Iraq team in the eagerness to move tasks in parallel to achieve this speed and results. So we are very grateful to our partner for such cooperation and wonderful results as you can read now. 

Our partner's operations team quickly learned how to operate the marketplace, navigate the apps and web panels, and set delivery prices for couriers and customers. This approach ensures that go-live times are significantly reduced, allowing partners to focus on generating revenue as quickly as possible.

Real test launch success

The actual test launch involves defining a small operational area, recruiting 3-5 couriers and partnering with 2-3 restaurants. This controlled strategy allows partners to validate their concept, troubleshoot potential issues and fine-tune their operations before scaling.

Checklist: What you need to launch a Food Delivery business

Our Iraqi partner chose to launch in a small city, strategically using promo codes to attract early customers. In addition, the partner chose to build brand awareness through social media content, which we strongly endorse and recommend. This approach proved highly effective and laid the foundations for their subsequent growth. 

From the outset, the partner successfully completed 72% of orders through our system. The remaining orders were placed by mistake or because something had changed at the customer's end, with no reference to the platform or delivery. By the next month, the partner had increased the percentage of completed orders to 78%. By the third month of operation, this had risen to 83%.

And most astonishingly, 100% of unique users placed at least one order. So every new customer tested the platform. And over 30% have placed two or more orders. Great results in only 3 months!

Dropshipping model for a cost-effective launch

To speed up the onboarding process, our partner initially adopted a dropshipping model. Usually our partners use Playfood's unique crawler tool, which efficiently transfers menus from major delivery companies to the Playfood system. But the Amin Iraq team did everything by themselves to learn to operate in the system. By the second month of operation, the partner had tripled the number of restaurants. This gave customers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of restaurants, cuisines and dishes. And later, the partner's team slowed this process down, which is a good strategy. Especially considering the next step our partner implemented.

Transition to regular contracts and growth

As the partner gained traction, they transitioned smoothly from the dropshipping model to regular contracts with restaurants. Within three months of operation, they had achieved a stable level of orders and were experiencing steady growth. And the dropshipping model helps to gain more leverage in negotiations with restaurants, as you have not only already saved the restaurant owners time in uploading the catalog and setting everything up, but you can also show real traction and how much the restaurants are doing without using your platform. Starting with dropshipping allows for quick cost adjustments and seamless operation with Playfood's partners within hours of signing contracts.

The strategy of starting small and expanding gradually, combined with the innovative tools offered by Playfood, proved to be instrumental in their success.

Key success factors of Amin Iraq food delivery launch

Playfood's SaaS solution provides a comprehensive and efficient platform for launching and growing food delivery businesses. The success story of our partner in Iraq illustrates the speed and effectiveness with which Playfood enables entrepreneurs to enter the market, establish a foothold and achieve rapid growth. But it all depends on the attitude and commitment of the partner. And with the right partner on board, your business can reach the growth stage very quickly. As the food delivery landscape continues to evolve, Playfood remains at the forefront, enabling partners worldwide to achieve their business goals with unparalleled speed and efficiency.


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