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Updated: Jun 7

Cover for release updates of a food delivery software provider

We are excited to present the latest evolution of Playfood, our cutting-edge SaaS solution platform crafted exclusively for food delivery businesses. This release brings a wave of transformative enhancements, introducing significant features that will reshape your operations in the food delivery landscape. In addition, we've paid attention to fine-tuning the minor details, ensuring a smoother, more intuitive experience for all users.

1. Phone number masking for enhanced privacy of communication

We are thrilled to introduce an innovative addition to our platform – phone number masking. This feature changes how you interact with your customers and couriers, ensuring privacy and convenience are at the forefront of every communication. With phone number masking, customer and courier contact numbers are now securely masked, displaying support numbers for couriers and customers for all outgoing communications. This feature not only safeguards personal information but also streamlines communication processes.

Need to get in touch directly? Our system effortlessly transfers you to the designated Call Center number, where our capable Call Center managers take over. They initiate contact with the customer or courier, effectively addressing any concerns and facilitating swift issue resolution. Elevate your communication standards, enhance customer satisfaction, and safeguard personal data with the feature of Phone Number Masking. Upgrade to the latest version now and experience the future of seamless and secure customer-courier interactions.

2. Simplified tax management

Managing tax rates for your marketplace has never been more effortless. With our latest update, applying tax rates to marketplaces, specific sections, or exact dishes is as simple as a click. You can seamlessly configure delivery tax and service fees by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. This refinement minimizes the risk of errors and streamlines the marketplace setup process, serving both Owners and Vendors. Experience the power of efficiency as you effortlessly navigate tax management!

Screenshot of a Vendor panel of a food delivery platform
Screenshot of a Vendor panel of a food delivery platform

3. Enhanced invoice clarity

Our latest update has reimagined the invoice chart, ensuring a sleeker and more intuitive view. But that's not all – we've taken transparency to the next level by incorporating a detailed list of all taxes included in each invoice. Now each part – a customer and a vendor – can effortlessly comprehend the breakdown of taxes, gaining comprehensive insights into the financial aspects of operations.

Screenshot of a auto email receipt for customers from the food delivery platform

4. Adjusted wording for Grocery delivery

Every element of our platform has been optimised to eliminate any potential misunderstandings associated with restaurant-specific terminology. Whether you're dealing with grocery deliveries or any other delivery service, our new wording ensures a seamless and intuitive experience. This enhancement empowers users and stakeholders by fostering clarity, ensuring everyone can effortlessly interact with the platform regardless of their background.

At Playfood, we are all about making your food delivery business the best it can be. Our latest update brings some exciting changes to help you run your marketplace smoothly and efficiently. Playfood is here to support you every step of the way, so let's work together to build your delivery business playfully!


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