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Release notes 36

Updated: Jun 7

Cover for the release notes article of the food delivery software provider - Playfood

Welcome to our monthly release notes, where we highlight the latest updates to the Playfood food delivery platform. We're excited to share the enhanced features and improvements that will take your operations to the next level. In this release, we introduce several game-changing enhancements. Let's dive in and explore the exciting developments in detail.

1. New Vendor type: Store

We aim to provide a tailored experience for grocery-oriented establishments. Purchases made in stores will now feature customized wording and graphical content that aligns with the grocery shopping experience. This will make it easier for customers to navigate and identify the products they need.

With this change, we have also adjusted the wording and graphical elements across our platform to accommodate a wider range of products. We recognize that businesses may offer more than just restaurant dishes, and we want to ensure that customers and store managers are not confused by dish-specific terminology. This update allows for greater flexibility, empowering businesses to showcase their full range of products while providing a seamless and intuitive shopping experience. Actually it is much wider than the grocery assortment. You can add categories as medications, flowers, alcohol, pet products, etc.

Screenshot of a Vendor panel of the Playfood's food delivery software platform

2. Enhanced tax system

Understanding the difference of indirect taxes across different countries, we have implemented a comprehensive solution to properly support the different VAT and sales tax systems. Having improved the platform to handle taxes on top, we can now accommodate diverse indirect taxes seamlessly.

Taxes can be confusing and time-consuming. Therefore, we strive to make our platform as user-friendly as possible and automate such systems. Our goal is to provide businesses operating internationally with a comprehensive SaaS solution for food delivery that meets their ever-changing needs.

3. Faster and smoother catalog loading

We have made significant improvements to the vendor page in our Onde integrated App. Our main focus was on enhancing the browsing experience in the food delivery catalog/menu. So now your customers will experience faster loading times, eliminating frustrating delays. Browsing through the catalog will be a breeze, allowing them to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Not only have we enhanced speed, but we've also added visual enhancements. With smooth animations and transitions, end-users will receive clear and pleasant feedback as they explore different vendors. Our ultimate goal is to keep your customers engaged and boost conversion rates.

4. UI improvements

We are thrilled to introduce the improved UI design of our Onde integrated delivery catalog. The design has been upgraded to be more clear, minimalistic and user-friendly. We have worked hard to ensure that our platform’s design matches the quality of the top players on the market. This offers you a visually appealing experience that is easy to navigate.

With the updated UI, browsing and shopping on our platform have become easier than ever before, as we strive to make your customers' journey on the marketplace as smooth as possible.

The revamped UI reflects our commitment to enhancing usability and creating a modern and user-friendly environment. We are excited to present this upgraded design and invite you to explore the improved web marketplace platform at your convenience.

We're dedicated to empowering your food delivery business with the latest enhancements and features. With the introduction of the Grocery Dropshipping Model, Enhanced Tax System, faster catalog loading, and various UI improvements, we aim to provide you with a robust platform that meets your evolving needs. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to innovate and help your business thrive in the competitive food delivery landscape.


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