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Release Notes 43

New Release Notes of a food delivery software solution Playfood

Welcome to the latest edition of Playfood Release Notes! This time, we're excited to share updates that directly impact our partners, affecting branding, speed to market and day-to-day operations. These updates are designed to empower our partners and enhance their experience using our food delivery platforms and apps. Join us as we explore the latest innovations aimed at improving your business with Playfood.

1. Leveled-Up White-Labelling: Enhanced Brand Customization

We're excited to announce a vibrant extension to Playfood's white labelling feature, allowing our partners to enhance their branding like never before. With this latest update, partners can now go beyond adding their logo, custom icons and splashes, and now have the freedom to customize the colours of all buttons and other colourful elements across both our apps and web marketplaces. This means they have complete control over the visual identity of their food delivery platform, ensuring a seamless integration of their brand's unique palette.

White-labelled food delivery app by SaaS solution Playfood

2. Effortless catalog management: CSV file import

We're delighted to announce a major update to Playfood's catalog management system. With the introduction of CSV file import functionality, importing catalog data has never been easier or faster. This new feature allows our partners and their teams to effortlessly import the catalog data from CSV files, streamlining the entire process and saving valuable time. Contact your account manager to request the template to share with your vendors. This will speed up your launch or bring new suppliers on board.

Catalog import through the CSV files in the food delivery software solution Playfood

Catalog import through the CSV files in the food delivery software solution Playfood

3. Expanding global reach: Three new language localisations

We are delighted to announce a significant expansion of Playfood's global reach with the addition of three new language localisations. Here they are: French, Malagasy and Bulgarian, further enhancing the linguistic diversity of our platform. With these new additions, Playfood now boasts 9 language localisations, ensuring a seamless experience for users around the world. Whether ordering croissants in Paris, samosas in Madagascar or banitsa in Sofia, our platform speaks your language, connecting communities and cultures through the joy of food delivery.

Localisation capabilities of a food delivery software solution Playfood

As we wrap up this round of updates, we would like to thank all of our partners for their invaluable feedback and support. At Playfood, we're committed to continually improving our platform and apps to meet the evolving needs of our partners. Your input drives our innovation and we promise to continue to listen and implement your suggestions. Don't hesitate to contact your account manager and stay tuned for more exciting updates. Let's continue to shape the future of food delivery together.


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