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Release Notes 42

Updated: Jun 7

Release Notes 42

Let's talk about the exciting new features that the latest release brings to your food delivery apps and web marketplace. From refined supplier searches to intuitive address settings and even a dedicated button for instant ride orders for the integrated solution, we've considered every detail to ensure a smoother, faster and more enjoyable experience for your customers. Now let's get into the details.

1. Vendor filtering in the Integrated solution

The focus of this release is Vendor Filtering 2.0, which improves usability and performance for a smoother browsing experience. Now with a counter on the filter icon, customers can seamlessly track selected filters. No longer limited to a single category, users can now select multiple categories at once. The updated filter shows all matches for each selected category, optimising the discovery of favourite cuisines. We've refined the interface by removing selected categories from the inline display after the delivery time drop-down, improving visual clarity. Enjoy an aesthetically pleasing experience with larger category icons and a streamlined mobile view with no gray backgrounds. And last but not least, admins gain control with the ability to prioritise top categories, sorted for intuitive navigation. Update your app to see for yourself.

Vendor filtering in the Integrated solution of the food delivery app of the Playfood's food delivery software solution

2. Vendor search in the Integrated solution

This update brings significant improvements to the supplier search function. We've refined the search mechanism in the main catalog, making it more efficient and easier to use. Users now find a full-size search box on the home page, providing a seamless and accessible search experience. The time selector has been removed, simplifying the process. In addition to searching by name, customers can now search by category and additional keywords, broadening the scope of their culinary exploration. Admins can assign keywords to vendors via a single input field in the admin panel, streamlining management. With the new update, the Vendor Search feature also supports target languages and handles misspellings, ensuring that users can find their favourite vendors with precision and ease.

3. Customer address changing

The following enhancement relates to the customer address changes and improves the overall user experience when setting a custom delivery address in the Integrated solution. Users now benefit from improved usability, with the removal of automatic zoom and restricted two-finger gestures for a more intuitive interface. Zoom buttons have been moved to the center of the screen for easy access and precise adjustment. In addition, a handy button to clear search entry text now only appears if the entry is not empty, streamlining the address entry process. The map is now displayed in full screen mode, giving users a more immersive and detailed view when customising their delivery locations. Playfood continues to prioritise user-friendly design, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for customers managing their delivery addresses.

Customer address changing in the Playfood's food delivery solution

4. Close button on Home Screen is changed

This update also brings a notable change to the home screen of the integrated solution with the Onde ride-hailing app, transforming the 'Close' button into a 'Taxi' button. It provides users with a convenient shortcut to seamlessly place a taxi order. This update aims to improve user accessibility and streamline the process for those wishing to switch between food delivery and taxi services. With a single tap of the ‘Taxi’ button, customers can now efficiently transition to ordering a taxi, demonstrating Playfood's commitment to providing a versatile and user-friendly platform for a variety of on-demand services.

Close button on Home Screen is changed in the Integrated version of the Super App solution for ride-hailing and food delivery

5. Improvements on main catalog loading

The final improvement was to the loading speed and overall efficiency of the main catalog. Users can now enjoy a faster and more seamless browsing experience, ensuring quick access to a diverse range of meals and dishes.

We believe that by continually evolving our platform, we are not only satisfying our partners' desires, but also strengthening your businesses in the food and transport industries. Your success is our success, and Playfood remains committed to providing the tools and innovations that help your business thrive. Here's to seamless deliveries, delightful culinary discoveries and a partnership that drives success. Thank you for choosing Playfood, where every update is designed with your goals in mind!


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