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Release Notes 41

Updated: Jun 7

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This version is all about taking your customer experience and order numbers to the next level. We've cooked up a bunch of updates with your customers in mind, focusing on activation and retention features that will keep them coming back for more delicious deliveries. We've also taken our security to the next level to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Get ready to boost your business and create even more memorable experiences for your customers - because your success is our priority!

1. Call-Center Customer Management Panel

We've revamped the Call Center panel and introduced a new feature – the Customers tab. Now your managers have a comprehensive tool to efficiently monitor the customer list. This new feature provides valuable insight into each customer's order date, order status, name and phone number and now includes the ability to search by phone number. This enhanced visibility ensures that managers can easily track and manage orders, and quickly address any issues that may arise due to the human factors of the food delivery business. Stay ahead of the curve with these updates that empower your Call Center to provide exceptional service and seamlessly handle any challenges that may arise in the dynamic world of food delivery.

2. One-Time Promo Codes

This upgrade relates to the Marketing Panel and the Promo Code tool. With this release, we are enabling our partners' food delivery businesses to improve their promotional strategies by not only allowing them to create personalized promo codes, but also by implementing an important restriction. Now, when creating a campaign, your marketing manager can turn on the restriction that customers can only use the code once. This feature provides a more dynamic and controlled approach to promotions, increasing customer engagement and fostering a sense of exclusivity. The upgrade is already underway, so take advantage of these powerful enhancements and revolutionize your food delivery marketing efforts!

Marketing panel of Playfood's food delivery solution: general promo codes
Marketing panel of Playfood's food delivery solution: general promo codes

3. Location-Based Enhancement for Catalog Listing

With the new version, customers will now experience a more personalized and streamlined search experience. The system of  the marketplace catalog listing will intelligently display only the closest locations of retail chains and restaurants available on our marketplace. This enhancement is designed to improve the user experience by displaying options based on the address entered into the system. By narrowing down the choices to the nearest vendors, we aim to make the ordering process more efficient, reduce delivery times and ensure a seamless and personalized experience for each user.

Location-based enhancement for catalog listing

Location-based enhancement for catalog listing

4. Localization: Currency Display

In response to a request from one of our valued partners, we've implemented a new fix in our food delivery SaaS solution that specifically addresses the display of currency. Both the customer app and the web marketplace now have no fractions for inflated currency, ensuring a clearer and more user-friendly experience. We understand the importance of currency accuracy for a seamless transaction process. In addition, our commitment extends to addressing localisation issues to ensure that our partners and their customers around the world receive the most relevant solution.

5. Security Enhancements

In this latest update, we have successfully completed several major tasks focused on enhancing the security infrastructure of our SaaS solution for your food delivery projects. Security is one of our top priorities and we are committed to ensuring a robust and secure environment for both our partners and their customers. The work undertaken includes a number of security updates that strengthen our platform against potential vulnerabilities and enhance the protection of sensitive data. As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, we will continue to prioritize security and proactively work on future updates to give our partners the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our SaaS solution.

6. UI/UX Improvements

Notable enhancements have been made to the vendor listing, ensuring a more intuitive and visually appealing presentation of available options. Improvements have also been made to the card payment interface, streamlining the checkout process for a seamless and secure transaction experience. These updates are a direct result of our ongoing collaboration with partners and their customers, allowing us to effectively address their preferences and needs. As we continue to strive to provide a state-of-the-art solution, rest assured that we will continue to refine and enhance our platform based on the feedback we receive from our partners and their customers.

That's our update for today, partners. If you're interested in exploring these new features and formulating a strategic approach to maximizing their impact on your food delivery business, we encourage you to get in touch with your designated account manager. Schedule a workshop to rigorously test these tools and outline a strategic plan that matches your business objectives. We look forward to helping you effectively implement these enhancements. Stay tuned for more to come as we continue to refine and expand our SaaS solution.


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