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Top 10 ideas to strengthen your on-demand business in 2024

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Top 10 ideas to strengthen your on-demand business in 2024

In today's fast-paced market, the concept of on-demand business has revolutionized the way services are accessed and delivered. In simple terms, it's all about the immediate provision of services or products as and when they are needed. In this landscape, Playfood stands out as a provider of complex food delivery software, offering a comprehensive platform for managing orders, vendors and couriers. 

But as in any business, the key to success lies in innovating new revenue streams using existing resources or optimizing costs. This article is a treasure trove of ideas designed to benefit not only current Playfood partners, but also entrepreneurs looking for on-demand business ideas.

1. Pre-bundled grocery purchases: Simplifying the shopping experience

Imagine a seamless grocery shopping experience where customers can order an entire batch of items with just one click. Develop and integrate customized grocery bags into your platform, allowing users to effortlessly curate and order a full range of essentials. This not only increases customer convenience, but also positions your grocery store as a destination for efficient and personalized shopping.

Pre-bundled grocery purchases: Simplifying the shopping experience

2. Grocery subscription: Regular deliveries for a seamless life

Turn routine grocery shopping into a hassle-free experience by implementing a grocery subscription service. Offer customers the option to receive a pack of essentials every week, fortnight or month. Your grocery store can benefit significantly from adding and managing these subscriptions, providing a reliable and convenient solution for busy households.

This idea can be a continuation of the one above, so that your grocery delivery service can generate 3 ways of monetization with the same resources.

3. Create your own products: Pre-prepped meal kits for the week

Enter the world of convenience by offering pre-prepped meal kits for the week. Partner with local grocery stores, restaurants or cloud kitchens to create exclusive kits with fresh produce and easy-to-follow recipes. Use Playfood platform and apps to manage these collaborations seamlessly, giving customers a hassle-free solution to their weekly meal planning.

Create your own products: Pre-prepped meal kits for the week

4. Collaborate with restaurants or chefs to curate a special menu

Take your marketplace to the next level by collaborating with renowned restaurants or chefs to curate a special dishes menu. This not only adds an air of exclusivity to your food delivery platform, but also attracts food lovers looking for unique culinary experiences. Use your Playfood food delivery software to manage these partnerships efficiently and offer customers a diverse and enticing range of options.

Great idea to stand out and get noticed for the classic food delivery model services.

5. Meals subscription: A culinary journey delivered to your doorstep

Launch a meal subscription service that allows customers to embark on a culinary journey from the comfort of their own home. Partner with restaurants or cloud kitchens to offer curated subscription packages and ensure subscribers have a delightful dining experience. Using the same food delivery software, but adding another product line, you can double the revenue per each customer.

This idea can reinforce the previous one, leading to different ways of monetising the same resources.

Are you inspired by these ideas? Or do you have some of your own? Book a short meeting with a Playfood manager to find out how our service can help you.

6. Buy in bulk for better prices: Savvy shopping for smart consumers

Encourage cost-effective shopping by introducing bulk purchasing options on your grocery delivery platform. Allow customers to buy in larger quantities at discounted prices, making your platform an attractive choice for savvy shoppers. Leverage your grocery delivery software to efficiently manage bulk orders and ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Great for grocery stores with their own warehouses to get products to market faster and in larger quantities.

7. Pharmacy Delivery: Health at your doorstep

Expand your offering beyond traditional groceries by introducing farmacy delivery services. Work with local pharmacies to deliver over-the-counter medicines, health supplements and wellness products. Your grocery delivery software can facilitate easy order management, giving customers a convenient solution to their health and wellness needs.

This could be an idea for a separate business built with the same delivery software provider as Playfood, or an additional shop on your grocery marketplace.

According to Google Trends, the majority of searches on this topic come from Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ghana, Meksika, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. So it's time to dive in and boost your delivery business in this region.

Google Trends report on Pharmacy Delivery

8. Flowers Delivery: Flowers for every occasion

Add a touch of elegance to your platform by incorporating flower delivery services. Partner with local florists to offer a variety of floral arrangements for different occasions. Use your delivery marketplace to efficiently manage flower orders, giving customers a seamless way to celebrate and express their feelings.

As a marketplace owner, you can strengthen your existing business model or start a stand-alone business based on the Playfood delivery software solution. In terms of concept, you can focus on the flowers themselves or develop a fast-growing gift niche in your region.

Google Trends research shows that this type of request has some seasonal variations, but it is a fairly stable and even growing trend.

Google Trends report on Flowers Delivery

9. Pet supplies delivery: Catering to furry friends

Extend your reach by adding pet supplies delivery to your platform. Partner with pet stores to offer a full range of pet products, from food to toys. Use your delivery software to efficiently manage pet supplies orders and provide pet owners with a convenient solution for their furry friends' needs.

Google Trends shows that pets, their toys and supplies have been a huge and stable trend for over 5 years, especially popular in Australia, USA and Canada. The top 20 countries also include Brazil, UAE and South Africa.

Google Trends report on Pet Supplies Delivery

10. Specialized products for every diet

Introducing a specialized range of products to meet different dietary needs can be a game changer. Offering a range of specialty products, such as vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free and high-protein options, meets the growing demand for diet-specific products. It positions your platform as a destination for shoppers with different dietary preferences, building loyalty and expanding your customer base. This product category is also more expensive due to its specificity.

And here are some compelling arguments from the Google Trends report showing extreme interest in the protein category, as well as the growing trend for gluten-free and lactose-free products.

Google Trends report on Specialised products Delivery

With these innovative on-demand service ideas, your food delivery business can transcend traditional boundaries and become a one-stop destination for diverse customer needs. Leveraging your existing food delivery marketplace, these strategies will not only increase customer satisfaction, but also position your business as a versatile and indispensable player in the competitive market.

Are you ready to explore these ideas and implement them in your business? Book a call with a Playfood manager to find out more.


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