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Playfood — update releases August 2022

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

1. Restaurant balance — debts of marketplace before restaurant are aggregated on the restaurant balance, there is no need to calculate it using reports.

Now you can see all changes with balances in a simply way with all important information that you need. We create the ability to upload report as well as the ability to correct balances manually.

2. Simplified creation of products for vendors:

  • product images become optional for vendors — it’s easier to setup and launch a restaurant even without photos

  • you can set product price during it’s creation — so the product can be created and published in one step

3. We started sending VAT invoices via email to support legal requirements of some countries. We create an easy way for your customers to get VAT invoice either to leave e-mail or in the Order history via ‘Get invoice’ button.

4. We added instant settlement cash flow to simplify relationship with restaurants for cash-based orders — the courier can pay restaurant share, picking up the order, to prevent potential cash-gap in the restaurants We create a tool for the Marketplace admin that allows in one click to determine the type of orders for the whole marketplace.

5. Purchase flow for the customer was updated

  1. Return to product list when a product added to cart

b. Open current order to track when the order is placed