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Master Food Delivery banners for maximum impact

Updated: Jun 7

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Ready to unlock the tips and rules of effective banner design? In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of basic design principles that will enhance your visuals, increase click-through rates and boost conversions. No design expertise is required – here is a guide, examples and templates for the food delivery business owners who want to make their message stand out!

1. One Visual – One Message

Key Idea: Keep it Simple and don’t forget Call to Action.

Explanation: The principle of "one visual - one message" promotes clarity in your communication. Rather than overwhelming your audience with information, focus on a single, clear message per visual and refine it with a simple and transparent call to action (what you want your customers to do after seeing this banner). This will ensure that your audience easily understands and remembers the message, increasing the chances of them completing the action.

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Tips for highly performing banners and ads: One Visual – One Message

2. Contrast of sizes

Key Idea: The main object – the biggest!

Explanation: To emphasize the message and draw the audience's attention, choose the main object. This can be a title or a product. The main object is always larger than any other element. By creating a visual hierarchy, you ensure that important elements stand out and that your message is not lost.

Tips for highly performing banners and ads: Contrast

3. Readability

Key Idea: Easy on the eyes!

Explanation: Readability is the foundation of effective communication. Choose fonts and sizes that suit your message and make your text easy to read. Make sure there's enough contrast between text and background to avoid eye strain. When your audience can easily absorb your content, you pave the way for a smoother and more engaging interaction.

Tips for highly performing banners and ads: Readability

4. Simple Fonts

Key Idea: Less is more!

Explanation: The simplicity of fonts plays a crucial role in maintaining an effective banner, as the main purpose of banners is to convey a message, to inspire action. Stick to a few basic, easy-to-read fonts that complement your brand and message. Consistent use of fonts across all your materials creates a sense of unity and avoids the distraction of multiple fonts competing for attention.

Tips for highly performing banners and ads: Simple fonts

5. White Space

Key Idea: Give it a breathing room!

Explanation: In the modern world, people are surrounded by advertising everywhere, resulting in 'banner blindness'. Customers scroll through cluttered visuals because they are already overstimulated. So white space provides balance, prevents visual clutter and allows your message to shine.

Tips for highly performing banners and ads: white space

6. Alignment

Key Idea: Keep it in line!

Explanation: Alignment is another underestimated tool for simplifying the effectiveness of your banners and achieving the ultimate goal - inspiring the customer to order. Whether it's text, images or other elements, consistent alignment brings order to your visual composition. A well-aligned design communicates professionalism and attention to detail, contributing to an overall impression of coherence and reliability.

Tips for highly performing banners and ads: Alignment

7. Brand Color Scheme

Key Idea: Paint with purpose!

Explanation: A brand color scheme typically includes a primary color, an accent color and a base color, which is most often used as a background. Consistent use of color builds brand recognition and enhances the visual appeal of your materials.

Tips for highly performing banners and ads: Brand Color Scheme

Assuming all the tips and rules we've discussed here, here's an example of a banner for a food delivery marketplace that needs improvement, and a good one at that. Have a look and analyze what can be improved in the banners promoting your business.

Startups are usually tied up with budgets for a freelance or in-house designer and it is definitely not a request for business owners. That's why, as your reliable partner, we have created a package of templates for effective banners for food delivery marketplace, social media and website.

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