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How to improve your food delivery with AI services for images

Updated: Jun 7

How to improve your food delivery with AI services for images

​​In the dynamic and competitive landscape of the food delivery industry, staying ahead requires not only delicious food, but also visually appealing menus and catalogs. At a time when aesthetics play a pivotal role in customer engagement, artificial intelligence (AI) tools have emerged as powerful allies for food delivery service owners, helping them create trendy and tasty visuals that capture the attention of their audiences. This article explores the AI tools available and outlines rules for creating effective requests to leverage these tools effectively

How to write a request to generate images correctly

While AI tools are powerful, the success of their application depends heavily on how well you, as a food delivery service owner, articulate your requirements. To generate the best result from an image generator, you'll need to provide clear and specific instructions to guide the generation process. Here are some rules to follow:

  • Clearly define your goal

Clearly articulate what you want the image to represent or convey. Give details of the subject, mood, style and any specific elements you want to include.

  • Be specific

Give specific details about the image you're looking for. The more details you provide, the better the generator will be able to understand your request. For example, instead of a generic request like "a burger,"  you could specify "a realistic looking burger with chicken, tomato, lettuce, and barbeque sauce, with a simple background".

  • Use descriptive language

Use descriptive language to convey the atmosphere, emotions, and visual elements you want in the image. This will help set the tone for the generator.

  • Specify colors and tones

If color is important, specify the color palette you have in mind. You can also mention the desired tones or mood (e.g. warm, cool, vibrant, subdued).

  • Include composition details

Provide guidance on the composition of the image, such as the arrangement of elements, perspective and focal points.

  • Identify key elements

Provide guidance on the composition of the image, such as the arrangement of elements, perspective and focal points.

  • Consider image size and format

Specify the size and format of the image you need. For example, mention whether you need a square image for social media or a high-resolution landscape image.

So, based on these tips, we've created a design for you to use. Copy it and use it to get great AI visuals:

Create a {mention key characteristics of the subject, that cover your main goal of the visual} Subject with a {specific details}. The Subject should be presented on {detailed description of the stand, plate, surface, etc}. The setting should include {exact description of the background and other details of what you want and need to see in the image}. The image should be {horizontal/vertical, pixels/size, for Facebook//menu/catalogue/banner}.

And here are a few additional tips that need to be mentioned:

  • Iterate and refine

Don't hesitate to iterate and refine your request based on the initial results. If the generated image isn't exactly what you're looking for, provide feedback and adjust your instructions accordingly.

  • Experiment with parameters

Some image generators allow you to adjust parameters or styles. Experiment with these options to see how they affect the output.

  • Review and edit

After receiving the generated image, review it carefully. If there's anything you'd like to change, give specific feedback for improvement.

AI tools for image generation

This tool helps create an image based on your query. It also has a design creation function with a created image, many ready-made templates and AI capabilities.

AI tools for image generation: Microsoft Bing
AI tools for image generation: Microsoft Bing

Canva also has a built-in image generator and many templates to create designs for a variety of needs.

AI tools for image generation: Canva AI

The most popular image generator, capable of creating photorealistic images based on your text request. Powered by Discord and controlled by text commands. The first 25 attempts are free, then a subscription is required.

Unlike competing image generation tools, this site is free.

AI tools for image generation: Images AI

The Flair AI tool uses artificial intelligence to create any background you need for your product. To get started, you'll need a high-quality photo of the product. There's no need to remove the background yourself, as the tool can do this for you before you start. Set the desired parameters on the left and click the Generate button. Experiment with the settings to get the result you want.

AI tools for image generation: Flair AI

And two bonus tools for creating videos and presentations with AI

  • Video

It is an artificial intelligence video generator that makes it easy to create and edit high quality videos. One of the best things about this tool is that you don't need any experience in video editing or design.

You start by providing a script or article as the basis for your video content. For example, Pictory can turn your blog post into an engaging video for use on social media or your website. This is a great feature for bloggers and businesses looking to increase engagement and quality. And because it's cloud-based, it runs on any computer.

  • Presentations

This tool allows users to create presentations and edit slides using generative AI in Google Slides. Once you've created your slides, you can edit them just like any other presentation in Google Slides, export them to PowerPoint and continue editing with Plus AI.

In conclusion, AI tools have become an essential asset for food delivery business owners looking to improve the visual appeal of their menus and catalogues, website banners and advertisements, content for social media accounts, etc. By understanding the capabilities of these tools and following guidelines for effective requests, food delivery businesses can not only meet but exceed customer expectations, creating a visually pleasing and memorable experience for their audience.


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