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Push notifications: tips and templates for a successful campaign

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

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Push notifications are often the go-to solution for keeping food delivery app users informed and engaged. However, creating a successful campaign requires more than just sending a message to your customers' lock screens. In this article, we will share unique tips and templates to help you create a push notification campaign that stands out from the crowd and captures the attention. Let's take your push notification game to the next level!

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are messages sent by an app to a user's device, even when the app is not running. These notifications appear as banners, alerts, or badges on the device's lock screen, notification center, or home screen. Push notifications help to get lost users back by keeping informed with relevant information or brand updates.

Push notifications can be personalised based on user preferences, behaviour, or location. For example, food delivery services may send push notifications about discounts and promotions, available restaurants or special schedules for the holidays.

What is the best frequency for push notifications?

We recommend having a consistent strategy and not sending more than one push notification per week, but more than one per month. The frequency is important for effectiveness.

Here are some tips for creating effective push notifications for food delivery app marketing:

  • Identify your goal and provide customers with relevant benefit

For example, if you want to get back lost users, it won’t be enough to send a reminder of your app. Provide real value by including a promo code, discount, dish of the day, etc.

  • Analyse users’ behaviour

You should know your users' behaviour patterns before launching a campaign. So that you better understand why they abandon your app and service.

  • Create relevant content for different user segments

Personalisation is key to better results. So leave common messages for general news (changes in work time, etc) and create precise, relevant and meaningful notifications for a particular target group.

  • Think about the timing

Analyse your client's portrait and consider a daily schedule and other conditions (such as public holidays, national events, religious holidays).

  • Use A/B testing anytime

A/B testing is essential for optimising push notifications, so if you have such an opportunity, use it. Make tests and choose the most effective text/design combination.

  • Align push notifications with your in-app messaging strategy

This is one of the most important tips on the list. A push-notification should bring lost users back to the app, and when that happens, in-app messages should appear. Together these mobile marketing tools help create a frictionless user experience that inspires both engagement and retention.

Read more about in-app messaging here.

  • Redirect customers to a specific restaurant, exact dish or particular CMS page

Push notifications allow you to insert a link in a message without any buttons to redirect customers to a particular page of your app. It keeps customers engaged and speeds up ordering.

Use these instructions to create such external links.

To sum up, before implementing your push notification strategy, it's crucial to define your campaign objectives. Determine if your goal is to welcome back users, address cart abandonment, increase sales, or gather product reviews. Clarifying your objectives will help you create a more effective push notification campaign tailored to your specific needs.

10 push-notification templates for your new campaign:

1. Pique customers’ curiosity

Inspire curiosity and spark customer interest: it helps your notification stand out from the many others sent at the same time.

Template for push-notification campaign for food delivery business

2. Issue a challenge or make an assumption

Such messages challenge users to engage. They may not order such a big burger, but you’ll definitely catch their attention.

Template for push-notification campaign for food delivery business

3. Show that you care

Careful and personalised sales are always a good idea.

Template for push-notification campaign for food delivery business

4. Align yourself with authority

Use informative facts and research, which may be helpful or may have an impact on users' decisions.

Template for push-notification campaign for food delivery business

5. Welcome offer

Send a welcome message, when your service starts to work. Lead end-users to the product list and give a special offer for the first purchase.

Template for push-notification campaign for food delivery business

6. Suggest a weather/season/holiday connected dishes

Use holidays and local events for situational communications. It is a great way to stay in touch with your customers.

Template for push-notification campaign for food delivery business

7. Retention messages

It is important to remind end-users of your service from time to time. Emphasise your unique value propositions.

Template for push-notification campaign for food delivery business

8. Promote a limited-time offer

Make a profitable offer and customers won't miss it.

Template for push-notification campaign for food delivery business

9. Personalised offers

Use data reports to categorize customers and create special offers related to their preferences.

Template for push-notification campaign for food delivery business

10. Birthday offer

An easy gesture and good offer is a great way to win customers' loyalty on such a special day.

Template for push-notification campaign for food delivery business

In conclusion, push notifications are a highly effective digital marketing tool that can significantly increase engagement, retention rates, and revenue for businesses. By creating a solid and consistent strategy, personalising notifications based on user behaviour and preferences, and using effective message layouts and templates, businesses can effectively use push notifications to reach their customers and drive conversions.

Remember to keep your messages short and simple, include a clear call to action, and vary your notifications' content. This will keep your customers engaged and interested. By following these tips, businesses can maximize push-notification campaigns' effectiveness and stay ahead of the competition.


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