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Release notes 38

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Cover for release notes article for the food delivery platform and apps service

Welcome to the latest updates of the Playfood food delivery platform! We're excited to bring you a comprehensive overview of the recent enhancements that have been made to our platform and apps. From streamlining vendor app flows to empowering your marketing managers with advanced tools, we've been working hard ensuring that your journey with us is nothing short of exceptional. So let's dive into the details of what's new and improved.

1. Vendor App enhancements: preorder reminder and iPad devices functionality update

We're excited to announce a series of updates to our Vendor App that will significantly enhance the user experience for our valued partners. Firstly, we've revamped the "preorder reminder" feature, ensuring that all online vendor users are promptly notified when it's time to start preparing scheduled orders. This improvement streamlines operations and helps vendors stay on top of their orders effortlessly.

Additionally, we've tackled some specific issues in the Vendor App's functionality on iPad devices. The setup and order confirmation process is now smoother than ever before. With these improvements, vendors can seamlessly navigate through the app on iPads, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient workflow. We believe these enhancements will make managing orders and confirming deliveries an absolute breeze, ultimately providing our vendors with a more enjoyable and efficient experience.

Screenshot of apps and their notifications for couriers and vendors of food delivery

2. Picture upload and editor mode improvements in CMS pages

We're ready to introduce a user-friendly feature that allows you to seamlessly place pictures via URL directly to your CMS pages. This enhancement, along with several other editor mode improvements, significantly simplifies the content customization process. Now, you can focus on creating engaging and informative pages for your audience and effortlessly enrich them with captivating visuals.

3. “Sold Items Report” feature in the Marketing panel

A "Sold Items Report" button is a game-changer in understanding your business and fine-tuning marketing strategies. This feature enables you to download a comprehensive report on sold items within a specified period, providing valuable insights into customer preferences and order trends. Armed with this data, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your catalog/restaurants list, target promotions more effectively, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction. We believe this tool will be an invaluable asset in growing your business and delivering an even more exceptional experience to your customers.

Marketing panel screenshot of the food delivery platform

Example of a order items report from the Playfood's food delivery service

4. Simplified Call Center management

We understand that efficiency is key in the world of food delivery, and with that in mind, we've merged the “Event” and “Information” fields into a single, unified feature in the Call Center panel. This upgrade simplifies the workflow for call center managers, offering a more intuitive interface. Now, managing events and accessing crucial information is easier than ever, allowing our dedicated managers to provide top-notch service to both vendors and end-users.

Call Center panel screenshot from Playfood's food delivery platform

Call Center panel screenshot from Playfood's food delivery platform

5. Three-condition promo codes in the Marketing panel

Our enhanced Marketing panel system now allows you to create promo codes with not one, not two, but three conditions. This means you can fine-tune your marketing campaigns to an unprecedented degree, tailoring promotions precisely to your target audience and marketing goals. Whether it's offering discounts based on check amount, restaurant, or time period, our new three-condition promo codes empower you to run highly targeted and effective promotions.

We're excited to see how these improvements elevate your experience and scale. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted food delivery solution partner. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the horizon!


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