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Trends in meal and grocery delivery in 2023

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

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Online food delivery comes in two types: meal and grocery delivery. estimated this market exceeded 770 billion dollars in 2022 and is expected to grow 20% in each of the next several years.

Here is a worldwide report. More details about your country's market you’ll find in your market research.

Food delivery revenue perspectives chart

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So if you are thinking of joining this market, now is the most ideal time to do this. In this article we’ve collected 8 up-to-date trends, which could help you build a modern, effective business, which meets customers' needs and expectations.

1. Grocery delivery (available in Playfood)

If you look at the first chart again, you’ll see that grocery delivery is a booming industry all over the world. Such a service allows consumers to order groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep. This makes it easier for customers to avoid crowded grocery stores, carrying heavy bags and losing spare time.

2. "The Dark Kitchen" (available in Playfood)

Dark or cloud kitchens only produce meals for delivery. All you need is enough space for setting up your kitchen without any dining space. Besides saving you money, it will also manage your order distribution process efficiently.

Dark-kitchen for food delivery services

3. Crowdsourcing of Drivers (available in Playfood)

You can leverage the local drivers of the distribution area. This could speed up your meal distribution process.

4. Food Delivery Subscriptions

A food delivery subscription plan is a service where you subscribe to meals delivered at your doorstep. It could be a monthly delivery plan covering all meals for the month, or only a single meal/day for a scheduled period.

Food delivery

5. Meal-Kit Delivery Services (available in Playfood)

It is a delivery type where a company sends partially-prepared or pre-portioned meals to be completed by customers.

6. Contactless Delivery (available in Playfood)

Due to the pandemic, contactless delivery has become the new normal. This trend is expected to continue in the future.

Food delivery courier

7. Delivery Services with a Premium Membership

Food delivery services offer members subscriptions at discounted prices and free delivery of food from restaurants, grocery stores and other locations.

8. Hyperlocal Food Delivery

Small, local organisations provide similar services as big third-party delivery companies. However, they usually charge a fraction of the commission and only serve a small geographical area. Working with such delivery services has obvious advantages: smaller commissions - higher profits.

9. Customer Experiences

A smooth ordering process, unusual food packaging and couriers' appearance, or different types of vehicles - creative touch-points mean a lot for customers. Finding creative ideas for these points could help you grow business awareness and stand out from competitors.

Meal and grocery delivery customer


There is no better time, but now. Statistics show huge potential and all the trends mentioned above will help you build a successful business.


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