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Release notes 34

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

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Here are the most recent updates to Playfood - an all-in-one food and grocery delivery platform. In the March release we have a lot to share regarding our partners' success and growth. Let’s discuss upcoming features below.

1. Tips for couriers

Now any customer can tip a courier during order creation. That would not only be an extra source of income for a courier, but also a way to show appreciation for such diligent work and to inspire a bit for a well-done job.

The feature is only available for card payments.

2. Hustle free drop-shipping model for food and grocery delivery

The drop-shipping model enables you to start selling without establishing relationships with restaurants or retail chains. You can manage dishes and categories of products on your own marketplace and make your couriers trusted shopping partners for your customers.

How is the hustle free order flow going to look like?

  • A customer chooses a meal or a list of products on your marketplace and places an order;

  • The order enters the Vendor App / Vendor panel and gets automatically accepted;

  • A courier receives the order and takes it to the restaurant or grocery shop and purchases all the necessary dishes/items;

  • The courier delivers the order to the customer.

You can use different settings for your restaurant plug-in: establish relationships and set up a vendor App or use a drop-shipping model with major players in the market.

But the most useful drop-shipping model is for grocery delivery. Are you interested in such business brunch? We are ready to conduct market research for you. Click on the link.

3. Data report according to customers location

This update will especially appeal to our partners, who operate in several cities at the same time. It is now possible to download customer data based on the cities where they have used your app the most recently. That means you can compare the city of registration and actual usage and also create more relevant promo campaigns.

4. Multi-city feature improvements

The Multi-city feature gives our partners an opportunity to operate in several cities at the same time. Across all cities, now we create a single customer profile. It means that customers can set up payment credentials once and choose or change a city according to where they are now. Customers will be automatically directed to the corresponding marketplace based on their geolocation, and the system will keep track of them as one entity across all marketplaces (cities).

This is an excellent feature that helps you stay in touch with loyal customers and provides an option for your business's faster growth.

This time we have improved switching between appropriate marketplaces in different cities for end users and made a number of UX improvements to the admin panel.

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That's all for now, and more to come! Let’s stay in touch.


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