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Release notes 32

Updated: Jun 7

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1. Highlight the Top Selling Products

We have implemented a feature allowing restaurants to prioritize their most profitable and in-demand product by displaying them prominently on their menu, with the aim of boosting sales.

Food delivery catalog panel screenshot

Food delivery catalog panel screenshot

2. Convenient Menu Cloning

To streamline the process and eliminate the need for repetitive menu input, we have implemented a menu cloning feature for other branches of your business. This enhances efficiency and convenience.

Food delivery catalog panel screenshot

Food delivery catalog panel screenshot

Food delivery catalog panel screenshot

Food delivery catalog panel screenshot

3. Capability to "launch" your app to collect essential data before actual launch

Now Onde partners can create questionnaires to start testing market, conducting comprehensive research and promote food delivery without actual contracts with restaurants or operation setup. Utilizing this tool effectively can assist in achieving business goals as fast as possible.

To attract Customers


Obtain valuable customer data on food preferences through survey on preferred dining establishments, frequency of food orders, average expenditure per meal and other related factors.


Incentivize customers to participate in a survey by offering a discount promo code as a reward upon completion. The results of the research will provide valuable insights and the satisfied customers will become early adopters in your food delivery market, eager to utilize the offered promo code at launch.

To attract Vendors


Maximize the value of this opportunity by conducting a survey with restaurant managers or owners to gather relevant data. How many branches do you have? What cuisines do your restaurants offer? From a technical perspective, what kind of problems do you face while working with other food delivery platforms, specifically with their apps?


Expect to receive proposals from restaurant employees/owners seeking to increase profitability through your food delivery market.

Food delivery mobile app preview example

4. Bilingual Localized content for your food delivery platform

Our team has taken by integrating localization support for two used languages for your marketplace: titles and descriptions of products and options. Localized content will enhance the customer experience for your food delivery market and ensure seamless communication with your customer audience.

Food delivery Settings panel screenshot

Food delivery Settings panel

Food delivery Settings panel

Food delivery Settings panel

Food delivery User profile

5. Clear Tax details for customers

It is crucial to communicate to customers the varying sales and indirect tax rates that apply to the goods and services being offered. Ensuring transparency, it is essential to furnish customers with a detailed explanation of tax rates applied to their purchases.

Tax regulation example in the food delivery mobile app

Call Center panel

6. Smart first address choice for customers

Accurate address configuration - is an important step in the customer's purchasing process. We implemented smart customer location identification to enhance conversion rates during final purchase stages.

Smart first address feature in the food delivery mobile app


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