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ODelivery: Successful Friend Test in Oman

Updated: Jun 7

ODelivery: Successful Friend Test in Oman

Launching a food delivery service, especially with custom paygates, can be stressful and overwhelming while your operations team is still learning how to use new software. In order to minimize mistakes and speed up the process, the Playfood team conducts in-depth workshops for partner teams and vendors, as well as assisting with friend tests if required.

Today, we are delighted to announce the successful test launch of ODelivery food delivery service by our valued partner in Oman via Super App (Onde integrated solution). When ODelivery made the leap into food delivery, they trusted Playfood to support every aspect of the launch.

Operational area

Before setting up the marketplace, the partner's team and we recognised the importance of selecting a small but dedicated area within the city of Muscat. This deliberate decision allowed us to focus our efforts on a localised zone, ensuring a meticulous focus on all aspects of the friend test and subsequent operations. The chosen area provided the perfect opportunity to fine-tune processes, build strong relationships with local businesses and create a solid foundation for ODelivery's first foray into the Omani food delivery market.

Tips to launch a successful food delivery business

Marketplace and Restaurants

The ODelivery team signed regular contracts with a selection of restaurants, laying the groundwork for future Food Delivery service. The Playfood team played a key role in setting up the marketplace, using our specialised tool to simplify the process of setting up menus. Together we meticulously configured prices, including courier delivery charges, customer fees and restaurant mark-ups, to stand out from the competition and meet both marketing and business objectives. Throughout the crucial friend testing phase, our team was in constant communication with the participating restaurant, providing guidance on downloading, setting up and running the Vendor App.

Tips to launch a successful food delivery business


ODelivery compiled a list of taxi drivers operating in the test area and negotiated terms. Playfood stepped in to create a bespoke tariff for the couriers and seamlessly integrate them into the system. Our team took care of all the necessary settings and developed comprehensive training materials in various formats to ensure that couriers could navigate the app and work efficiently.

Tips to launch a successful food delivery business

Successful friend test

With careful planning and collaboration, the test launch was scheduled for a specific date and time. As ODelivery is part of the ride-hailing brand and the partner decided to go for an integrated solution from the outset, the 'Delivery' button was seamlessly integrated into the customer ride-hailing app, unleashing the power of our integrated Super App solution. The designated manager initiated orders, which included both cash payments and a custom online payment method implemented specifically for ODelivery. Both payment flows worked flawlessly, resulting in successful order completions.

Tips to launch a successful food delivery business

Preparing for regular operations

Building on the success of the test launch, we strategically expanded the operational area to include restaurants close to our existing restaurants in the area. We increased the number of couriers and focused all our efforts on establishing regular contracts with the restaurants we'd added via a dropshipping model. This marked the beginning of ODelivery's journey towards regular operations and set the stage for future growth.

Tips to launch a successful food delivery business

Looking ahead

As ODelivery progresses through the growth stages, we invite everyone to stay tuned for upcoming success stories. If you're considering launching your own food delivery business and want a seamless experience, Playfood offers the BRO business model. With this model, our dedicated team takes responsibility for setting up and managing the operational process for your food delivery business.

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In conclusion, the collaboration between ODelivery and Playfood in the Omani market demonstrates the effectiveness of a well executed test launch. With our commitment to innovation and operational excellence, we look forward to contributing to the continued success of ODelivery and similar ventures in the future.


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