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Release Notes 44

Updated: May 13

Release Notes 44 of Playfood food delivery software solution

At Playfood, the food delivery software solution, we remain committed to empowering our partners and improving their daily food delivery operations. With this in mind, we're delighted to announce our latest release! This update has been strategically designed to address the specific needs and challenges faced by our partners, streamlining their path to a successful launch in various local markets. So without further ado, let's dive in and take a look at the notes!

1. Introducing Customer Initiated Order Cancellation

We're delighted to introduce a ground-breaking update to the Playfood platform that has been eagerly anticipated by our partners and their end users: customer initiated order cancellations. Customers will now be able to cancel their orders before they're accepted by the supplier. This not only reduces the load on our Call Сenters, but also gives customers more flexibility and control over their orders. With this update, customers can easily cancel an order and create a new one with a different payment option selected, ensuring a stress-free ordering experience.

Introducing Customer Initiated Order Cancellation

2. Quick Re-Ordering with payment flexibility

Introducing another major enhancement to the Playfood food delivery software solution: fast re-order with the ability to change payment types. With just a few clicks, customers can recreate a canceled order and seamlessly switch payment methods, increasing conversion rates and ensuring a hassle-free experience. This feature gives customers a place to make mistakes, for example, if they have created an order but tracked the wrong payment type and want to change it. Or, if customers have previously ordered the same set of dishes, they can easily create the same order. Re-ordering is now quicker and easier than ever before.

Quick Re-Ordering with payment flexibility
Quick Re-Ordering with payment flexibility

3. Enhanced Security Measures: Rate Limit for Customer Authentication

The Rate Limit for Customer Authentication feature defines a significant security enhancement to the system. This feature limits the number of attempts for authorisation requests and code verifications, strengthening the protection of customer profiles and thwarting potential SMS spoofing attacks. With this added layer of security, Playfood's food delivery software solution ensures the integrity of user data and provides peace of mind for both customers and vendors. In addition, this feature provides an exciting opportunity for partners to leverage their marketplace as a standalone channel for user acquisition and order generation with maximum impact. Playfood's latest update will keep your business safe, secure and on track for success.

Enhanced Security Measures: Rate Limit for Customer Authentication

4. Advanced Security Features: Rate Limits for Order Creation

Order creation rate limits join the list of major improvements in this release. This feature is designed to protect against order spoofing and other fraudulent behavior by limiting the rate at which orders can be created. By enforcing these limits, Playfood food delivery software system ensures the integrity of the ordering process, minimizing the risk of abuse and maintaining a fair and secure environment for both customers and merchants. This latest Playfood enhancement will give you, as a merchant, even more confidence and peace of mind in your daily operations.

Advanced security features: Rate Limits for Order Creation

5. Imperial Distance Units launched for US partners

Meeting local requirements and adapting our food delivery solution to our partners' market specifics has always been one of our key product development objectives. The introduction of Imperial distance units was a logical next step in supporting our valued US partners. With this enhancement, users based in the US can now seamlessly navigate distances using familiar imperial measurements, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive experience. At Playfood, we understand the importance of localisation and user satisfaction, which is why we continue to prioritize requests from our partners to enable them to thrive in local markets.

Imperial Distance Units launched for US partners
Imperial Distance Units launched for US partners

6. Seamless Data Transfer: Catalog Export Feature Extension

The last but not least update for today is for our latest feature, Catalog Export, which was introduced in the previous release. For over a month now, our partners have been using this feature to easily upload catalogs via CSV files (read more here). But today's update enhances this feature and allows Marketplace Admins and Managers to easily transfer catalog data between environments, enabling smooth transitions from demo to production and vice versa. This gives our partners the opportunity to waste no time in publishing apps and working on supplier acquisition during the pre-launch period to speed up the later launch period.

As we continue to innovate and refine our food delivery software solution for taxi and ride-hailing companies and willing entrepreneurs, we invite our partners to take full advantage of the latest features and enhancements. To explore these updates further and learn how they can optimize your operations, don't hesitate to contact your dedicated account manager and book a quick meeting today to go through the new features together.


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