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Ride-Hailing and Delivery Trends for 2024

Updated: Apr 3

In the fast-paced world of on-demand business, ensuring instant access to products or services is paramount. Leveraging technology to bridge the gap between supply and demand is essential to delivering a seamless and immediate customer experience. With leaders like Onde in ride-hailing software and Playfood in food delivery deeply integrated to create a Super App solution, the technology aspect is covered.

In this article, we'll focus on ideation and understanding demand. In this article, we'll look at 10 ride-hailing and delivery trends for 2024, alongside over 60 different ideas presented in the accompanying video. Whether you're looking for inspiration or ready-to-implement concepts, this comprehensive resource will help you strengthen and innovate your on-demand business. Check out the time codes, read the article and watch the video to gain valuable insights for your business.

Trend 1: Multi-service platforms

Customers prefer platforms that offer a variety of on-demand services in one place.

Trend 2: Personalisation and customer experience

Customers increasingly value personalised experiences and expect on-demand services tailored to their preferences.

Trend 3: Quick services

Faster delivery times and instant services are becoming increasingly popular.

Trend 4: Health and wellness services

Increased demand for on-demand health and wellness services, especially in the post-pandemic era.

Trend 5: Subscription-based models

Subscription models for on-demand services are gaining ground.

Trend 6: Value-driven consumption

Companies based on social responsibility and ethical practices.

New entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate when starting a new business. We are here to help and support you every step of the way. Gain valuable insights through personalised market research.

Trend 7: Home-centric products and services

Offering services and products that comfort and enhance the home environment.

Trend 8: Innovation and technology

Embrace the latest advances and technological solutions to optimize business and operational processes.

Trend 9: Experience over ownership

Prioritise immersive and memorable customer experiences, shifting the focus from ownership to the delivery of unique and meaningful interactions with your services.

Trend 10: Social media influence

Use the power of social media platforms to increase brand awareness, engage with audiences and drive adoption of on-demand services through influencer partnerships and strategic online marketing.

Request the list of 60 ideas for on-demand business

The ride-hailing and delivery landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by changing consumer preferences and technological advances. By embracing these trends and leveraging our integrated SuperApp solution, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and thrive in this dynamic industry. Here's to your success in 2024 and beyond!


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