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Release Notes 45

Updated: Jun 7

Release Notes 45 Cover

The major updates to Playfood's food delivery software solution are coming! The new release is on its way and it will greatly benefit our partners. These enhancements are designed to streamline operations, improve the user experience and increase the overall efficiency of your food delivery services. Invest up to 5 minutes of your time to discover how these new features can positively impact your business!

1. Customisable Instructions for All Payment Methods

Playfood is proud to announce the launch of a new Payment Methods feature, offering unparalleled flexibility to our partners and their customers. This addition allows you to set up clear instructions to manually process transactions such as Mobile Money, USDT, Bitcoin and other payment options. Detailed instructions guide customers on how to make payments via these methods directly to the courier or via the Call Center, ensuring a seamless and convenient transaction process. For more information on how to use this payment option, please scroll down the carousel and contact your dedicated account manager.

Mobile Money Payment method for food delivery service customers by Playfood
Mobile Money Payment method for food delivery service customers by Playfood

2. Streamlined Checkout Page

The Single Payment Method Selector is our latest enhancement to the checkout page of the order process. This new feature simplifies the checkout process by consolidating all available payment options into a single, easy-to-navigate list. By eliminating the need for an extra checkout screen, we aim to improve the user experience and increase overall conversion rates. Customers can now select their preferred payment method more quickly and efficiently, making the entire transaction process smoother and faster.

Streamlined Checkout Page of a food delivery service app by Playfood

3. Simplified Pop-Up for Direct Payments

Introducing the Enhanced Order Placement Pop-Up for Direct Payment Methods, designed to streamline and simplify the ordering experience for your customers. With this update, the order placement screen has been modernised and clarified, removing any confusing or unnecessary wording. This improvement ensures a more intuitive and efficient process for customers, reducing friction and increasing overall satisfaction. By refining the user interface, we aim to make direct payments faster and easier, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

Simplified Pop-Up for Direct Payments of a food delivery service app by Playfood

4. Improved Vendor App and Web Panel features

Several updates have been made. Firstly, we've introduced vendor-specific delivery distances, allowing restaurants to customize their delivery range beyond the default setting for greater operational flexibility. For clarity, these settings have been renamed to make them easier to understand. Secondly, we've made significant improvements to the UX of the vendor catalog loader. Previously, customers may have experienced white screens and slow loading times due to slow connections or large catalog sizes. With this update, we've optimised the loading process to ensure a smoother and faster browsing experience.

Vendor Web Panel by a food delivery software solution Playfood
Vendor Web Panel by a food delivery software solution Playfood

5. UI/UX enhancements

Finally, a number of UI/UX enhancements have been made for this release to improve the overall user experience. These updates include an optimised checkout flow, larger buttons for easier navigation, standardised header text sizes for consistency and the removal of the customer avatar to streamline the interface. We have also clarified the naming of address comments for clearer communication and added brand logos to the mobile web for a more consistent brand presence.

The enhancements in this release are designed to create a more intuitive and seamless experience for our partners' customers, simplify the checkout process and increase the number of orders. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and improve your food delivery business and your customers' experience.


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