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Initial Marketing Recommendations for Newly Launched Food Delivery Services

Initial Marketing Recommendations for Newly Launched Food Delivery Services

Launching a food delivery service can be both exciting and challenging. To ensure your new venture thrives, it's crucial to establish a strong marketing strategy from the outset. Here are some initial marketing recommendations tailored for food delivery services using the Playfood delivery software platform:

1. Use Marketplace Banners as a Promo Tool

Remember that your food delivery marketplace, built on the Playfood solution, allows you to publish multiple promotional banners in a carousel format, both at the top and at the bottom of the catalog. Use this tool to highlight the most popular restaurants on your platform or to raise awareness of active promo codes. You can also sell these spots as advertising space for your merchants, giving them valuable exposure while generating additional revenue for your business.

📌 We have created a package of templates for effective banners for food delivery marketplace, social media and website.

Leave your email to get access for free!

2. Push Notifications with Deep Links

Push notifications are concise messages sent directly to users' devices, appearing in their phone's notifications list to encourage engagement with your food delivery service app. The embedded deep link directs users to a specific page or section within the marketplace app, such as the general catalog, a specific restaurant's menu or even an exact dish. Use this tool to build awareness and engage customers, for example, by announcing new promo codes or reminding customers about your food delivery service before lunch. This feature ensures targeted communication, resulting in higher user interaction and retention.

Push Notifications with Deep Links for Marketplace Catalog, Specific Restaurant, or Exact Dish

3. Use In-App Messages to Promote Your Food Delivery Service

In-App Messages are a powerful tool within a mobile application that allows you to send targeted messages directly to users while they are actively using the super app. These messages can be displayed on the home screen of the taxi section while users are browsing, drawing attention to your food delivery service. Use this tool to motivate users to click the delivery button or announce special offers to effectively engage customers.

In-app messages can be highly personalised and timed to appear based on user behavior, preferences or actions within the app, ensuring relevant and timely communication that drives engagement and conversion.

📌 Read more about in-app messaging in our blog!

Use In-App Messages to Promote Your Food Delivery Service

4. Use Promo Codes to Create a New Habit of Ordering Food

Promo codes encourage customers to try your service by offering discounts, either as a fixed amount or as a percentage. These codes can be promoted through a variety of channels, including banners, push notifications, in-app messages, social media, email newsletters and partnerships with other businesses and local influencers.

Use Promo Codes to Create a New Habit of Ordering Food

5. Don't Forget About Social Media Presence

Social media platforms are essential for increasing brand awareness, engaging with potential customers and building a strong brand identity. They are an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers, gather valuable feedback, announce updates and upcoming events, and work with influencers to attract new customers and increase orders. 

Create a basic 'social media landing page' that describes key information about your business, and then focus on creating reels and stories – these are currently the most powerful and cost-effective tools to achieve additional reach.

Social Media Presence is essential for your food delivery service

6. Conduct Surveys or Simple CustDev

Excellent service is no longer a unique value proposition, it's a necessity. Conducting surveys to gather initial feedback from customers is critical to ensuring your delivery service meets their expectations. This feedback provides valuable insight into areas that may need improvement, allowing you to address any issues promptly. In addition, the insights gained through customer development (CustDev) discussions can help you adapt your business model and better position yourself in your country's food delivery market.

To conduct a survey, you can use tools such as Google Forms and distribute via email, SMS, etc. Alternatively, we can integrate the survey directly into your app. Contact your dedicated account manager to receive a survey template and discuss next steps.

7. Simplify User Onboarding with Intro Product Tours

Even with the most user-friendly design, it's often easier for customers to watch a demonstration and try it out for themselves than to place their first order. Of course, we all become a bit of a different person when we are hungry :) 

To help our new partners, we offer introductory product tours. When a user clicks the delivery button and visits the marketplace for the first time, the system guides them through the process of placing and completing an order. These introductory tours ensure that customers know how to use the system effectively from the outset, keeping them engaged and interested.

We are so committed to your success that we offer all new partners two months of free product tours to help you get started and grow as quickly as possible. Contact your account manager for more information on the product tour offer and opportunities.

By implementing these initial marketing recommendations, your newly launched food delivery service can establish a strong presence in the market and attract a loyal customer base. Utilising the advanced features of the Playfood platform will further improve your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, setting your business up for long-term success. Stay proactive, adapt to customer feedback and use the tools at your disposal to succeed in the competitive food delivery industry.


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